Shipping & Returns

If you do not wish to collect your item personally, it will be shipped by the most cost effective secure method. This is usually by the tracked and insured services operated by the United Kingdom's post office. Should you wish your item to be sent via an alternative carrier, for example DHL or Fedex, if prior notice is given this can also be arranged. All items will be securely packed for domestic or international shipment as appropriate.

I will strive to ensure your item reaches you in the condition advertised. In the rare event of a delay in an item reaching you, please contact me directly at and I will do my best to resolve the situation.

As stated on the home page all prices are "ex-works"...meaning the cost of shipping to you is NOT included unless it specifically says so in the item description. As a general rule of thumb most of the lighter items on the site will be priced with shipping included...whereas the more valuable and heavier items won't. I do this because shipping charges vary a great deal depending on where the item is going to in the world and how much insurance cover is required.

So...if you've seen something on the site that you're interested in, but you're not sure if you really do want to buy it as shipping charges might be expensive - what should you do?

You have two options...

Option A: Press the "buy it" button and pay the ex-works price. Then I'll contact you afterwards with the shipping cost which you will also need to pay. This means, of course, you don't risk somebody else buying the item you're interested in. If the shipping cost works out at more than 30% of the ex-works price..and you then decide to not complete the sale once the shipping cost is known...then I will refund the money you've paid.

Option B: You drop me an email at, or give me a 'phone call (+44 7708 661 659..I'm in the UK), and ask me to confirm what the total price, including shipping, is. I'll endevour to get you the total price as soon as possible, but there is a risk that somebody else will nip-in and buy the item before you do by following Option A.

I hope I've explained things clearly....please contact me if you have ANY questions.

Some people do ask "what happens if I'm not happy with the item and/or want to return it?" If the item received does not match your expectations, please contact me directly and I'll do my very best to work things out with you.

As a small trader it is regrettable that we cannot offer a blanket policy for the return of "non-suitable" goods. That said, if the item is returned to us in the same condition it was at despatch within 30 days then a refund of any money paid, less any shipping charges incurred by us will be made. (That last sentence was important by the way and I'm pleased to say we've never had anything returned to us..ever...but I guess there's always a first time :)). Please also note, no refunds will be given on items with engraved personal messages. Thank you.

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